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Sharjah's Economic Realities Focal Point of Statistics and Community Development Department's New Survey Project

Sharjah's Economic Realities Focal Point of Statistics and Community Development Department's New Survey Project

Tuesday, June 19, 2018/ Editor -  


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GDP, salaries of male and female workers, and growth by sector to feature in survey findings 

Sharjah, June 19, 2018:  The Sharjah Department of Statistics and Community Development (DSCD) has announced the launch of a new economic survey project in Sharjah, which aims to offer a real-time analysis of sector-by-sector growth and transformation in the emirate, highlighting the changing economic milieu and key factors responsible for Sharjah’s continued growth. 

The survey will focus on the role and percentage contribution of public- and private-sector establishments as well as non-profit organisations in driving Sharjah’s commerce in diversified markets. 

The survey was launched at the project’s first preparatory meeting held by DSCD to highlight its goals and the reason behind adopting the survey methods, which will be implemented in the data gathering process. The size of the surveyed establishments, nature and types of investments, turn-around time of the numerous projects conceived in Sharjah and their developmental phases will be utilised as key analytical data to best study recent growth.

The preparatory meeting was presided over by Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Director of DSCD, and attended by representatives of local and federal government departments. Ali Mahboub, Statistical Consultant at DSCD, has urged survey participants to cooperate with DSCD representatives and furnish them with the data required by the survey. 

The 12 goals 

The economic survey aims to achieve 12 goals represented in identifying the emirate’s economic reality. The study also aims to identify the industrial structure and sectorial distribution in terms of goods and services production classified by type of economic activity and the sector. It will also define the number of workers, their classification and distribution by the economic activity, sector and area.

The survey also aims to identify average male and female wages in Sharjah, and the uptake of investments and average operational costs incurred by primary, secondary and tertiary production activities will be defined. 

The survey seeks to study Sharjah’s GDP, as well as the income of numerous markets classified under sectors, areas and regions in Sharjah. For sectors like manufacturing and production, the survey will detail its study to look into unit sales versus stock volumes, and the total income behind several companies’ intellectual properties, holdings and other investments. 
It also aims to identify the movement of assets versus fixed capital formation in major economic sectors in the emirate. The type of capital assets and the number of institutions operating in the different sectors will also be broadly classified. 

Reliable information

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, Chairman of Sharjah Department of Statistics and Community Development, said: “DSCD strives to provide latest and reliable statistical data in accordance with the highest international standards. The launch of the economic survey aligns with the department’s objective to offer a comprehensive overview of the economic activities in the emirate.”

He added: “The economic survey will generate significant data required for the preparation of national accounts, defining the emirate’s GDP and the contribution of the private sector to the GDP, help decision-makers draw up plans to support local economic development, thereby boosting the emirate’s efforts to achieve sustainable development.”

The survey data will be useful in defining periodic indicators to identify economic growth rates and can also be used for research and economic analysis, boosting confidence in the emirate's economy. It will also offer investors a transparent and integrated vision of the various sectors in Sharjah, growth rates and potential opportunities in each, the DSCD Chairman emphasised.

On his part, Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Director of DSCD, underlined that DSCD will continue to strengthen integration and cooperation with government departments, whether during the economic survey or other future projects, in serving the emirate’s strategic goals of enhancing the welfare of citizens and residents and solidifying its stature as a leading regional investment destination.

UN approved survey methodology 

The methodology this economic survey is administering is based on the 2008 System of National Accounts (SNA 2008), approved by the United Nations. The 2008 SNA system is based on the principles of inclusion and coverage. The survey covers all establishments practicing main economic activities in the emirate, including mining and manufacturing industries electricity, gas, water, domestic trade, constructions, transport, storage, communication, financial services, insurance, restaurants, hotels, entertainment services, educational and health services, non-profit organisations operating in Sharjah, Al Hamriya and the emirate’s Eastern and Central regions and free zones.

The survey will rely on the number of establishments as listed on the Sharjah Census 2015, with the updated data from the Sharjah Economic Development. Special forms will be used to reckon the number of buildings and establishments in the emirate, define the location of each establishment and its coordinates accurately. The survey will also define the exact number of workers and main economic activities to set up a database for establishments in the emirate. 

It will divide establishments into three categories according to the number of workers; the first of which is the ‘small establishments’ category accounting for companies that have less than five employees per establishment. There are an estimated 33,043 small businesses in the emirate. The second category that of ‘medium establishments’, which have an average staff size of 6 to 19 workers per establishment estimated at 16,546. The third category includes ‘large enterprises’ with 20+personnel each working at approximately 5,828 such establishments in the emirate. 

Year-on-year growth comparison and study of new market variables 

This new survey project will build on the existing data and analysis of Sharjah’s economic performance in 2017, and will use it as the basis of a comparative study of Sharjah’s sector-wise performance and growth in 2018, revealing new factors and variables that have been introduced by changing market trends and the global annual business performance. The survey project will present a micro and macro view of the emirate’s overall growth in the two years by comparing and contrasting its year-on-year performance by quarter as well as by year, and will also include an analysis of incomes by individuals, businesses and sectors. 

Partners’ role 

DSCD has highlighted the vital role that its government partners can play in supporting the project and in helping it in communicating with business establishments by providing data, including address, phone numbers, email and information about the size and number of employees, and the classification of establishments by activity. 

The department has shed light on the two phases that will require the survey partners to be active participants. These will include preparation and field work with human resources by nominating a number of their employees to help in the preparation phase, and in the economic counting and survey. It has also highlighted the need for partnering departments to offer researchers with modern communication technologies to share collected data with DSCD.
DSCD noted that their partners will participate in the survey’s media campaigns and distribution efforts to facilitate its introduction to a wider audience. 

Time schedule 

DSCD claims that they will wrap up the survey by the end of the year. The calendar begins with setting and adopting the project plan, updating the economic survey framework and the delivery of a final and approved version of the form.

It also includes systems design, sample selection by economic activity, and the training of researchers and supervisors theoretically and practically. It also includes the field work, which will start by September 1.

DSCD is a government entity that contributes effectively to the drive of sustainable development adopted by Sharjah under the guidance of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, and within the framework of the UAE’s national vision.

In addition to its main responsibilities, DCSD conducts social research and surveys, with the aim of improving community services and supporting Sharjah government's development strategies to ensure a more sustainable future for present and future generations.

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