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Quality Entertainment With QLED: Why Samsung's Innovative TVs Deliver the Greatest Immersive Gaming Experience Ever

Quality Entertainment With QLED: Why Samsung's Innovative TVs Deliver the Greatest Immersive Gaming Experience Ever

Sunday, February 21, 2021/ Editor -  


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United Arab Emirates -  February 21, 2021:   Gaming has always been a market loved by the masses, attracting the attention and capturing the imagination of millions across the region and wider world. Games have withstood the test of time, passed down generation to generation, with some dating back many thousands of years. However, gaming today is changing exponentially, with technology and emerging technologies driving a new evolution in the gaming segment. 

Although the most traditional forms of gaming – such as board games, sport-related activities, and those played in parks – have somewhat made way for those through smartphones, tablets, and the big screen, the overarching objective is the same. People want to be entertained, take part in fun-filled adventures, and enjoy memorable encounters. 

As a leading tech innovator, Samsung takes pride in providing consumers with cutting-edge products, those that come with invaluable features to complement your lifestyles and assist you in work, home, and – most importantly – play. This applies to many of our offerings, but for those seeking immersive, incomparable gaming interactions at home, Samsung’s QLED TVs are an undisputed gateway to the ultimate gaming experience. 

Here, we explore the key gaming-specific features and components that make our QLED TV range a standout choice when searching for the perfect gaming companion: 

More power with Multi View
QLED TVs come with a number of built in features that make it easier for get involved with the action. Firstly there’s Multi View, the impressive screen-splitting function that allows you to simultaneously game on one side of the screen and mirror videos from your phone on the other. The ability to game and watch a favorite streamer on a single screen eliminates the inconvenience of having to switch back and forth from focusing on your TV to focusing on your phone. What’s more, Multi View is really useful when stuck on a difficult level, as you can refer to walkthrough’s and tips in real-time. The function can even detect when your phone has switched to landscape mode, and reflects this adjustment in real time.

Audio immersion like never before
Sound is another critical element that can makes QLED TV gaming experiences so outstanding. Not only does realistic audio make games more fun, it can also means the difference between victory and defeat. To allow you to enjoy the most realistic sound experience possible, Samsung’s latest QLED models come backed with six powerful speakers – two more than previous models. Built-in Object Tracking Sound (OTS) technology promises to enhance your immersion – empowering you to sense where sounds are coming from and how far away they are.
Transformation through automation 
Auto Game Mode is another clever built-in function that enables QLED TVs to automatically analyze connected devices and optimize settings accordingly. All you have to do is simply connect your console to your TV, and a “game mode is turned on” message will automatically pop up on your screen. The idea behind including this notification was to emphasize that the TVs transform into a gaming device the moment they’re connected to a console – something that become instantly apparent at the beginning of every gaming interaction. 

Unrivalled visual prowess
For years, spotting enemies and objects in the dark when gaming was no easy feat. Today, this is simple during every gaming session with QLED TV’s built-in Dynamic Black Equalizer. This innovative technology utilizes the TV’s AI Quantum Processor to enhance image quality in real time by analyzing a game’s dark scenes and detecting objects within them. It then optimizes black levels to help you see things that weren’t so clear before. Access it through the menu during dark scenes, so you identify every detail and danger. 

Unmatched accuracy and response times
Another vital component behind QLED’s gaming prowess is the incredibly low input lag, which is the feature responsible for the TVs outstanding response and accuracy levels. Every avid gamer is familiar with input lag, but for those who are new to the segment, this is the amount of time it takes for a command you’ve entered to be registered on the big screen through your keyboard or controller. The shorter the input lag, the more immersive gameplay becomes. And with QLED, the 9.8ms input lag takes gaming experiences to a new level – so you can revel in superior, far more immersive gaming sessions with fewer distractions. 

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