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IDB Achieves Remarkable Emiratization with 30% Emirati Workforce within Less Than a Year of UAE Branch Operations

IDB Achieves Remarkable Emiratization with 30% Emirati Workforce within Less Than a Year of UAE Branch Operations

Thursday, November 23, 2023/ Editor -  


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The Bank Strives to Increase Emirati Representation Beyond Mandatory Operational Requirements as Operations Expand
Ziad Khalaf:  Emiratization is not merely a compliance measure for IDB, it is the bank’s way of contributing to the sustainable economic growth and empowerment of the UAE's workforce

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Thursday 23 November 2023: The International Development Bank (IDB), the first Iraqi private bank operating in the United Arab Emirates, announces its commitment to Emiratization as it successfully achieved the goal of hiring 30% Emiratis within less than a year of commencing operations in the UAE. Furthermore, the bank affirms its willingness to increase the percentage of Emirati employees as its operations expand, surpassing the mandatory operational requirements. 

In addition to complying with the mandatory operational requirements, IDB considers Emiratization as a genuine effort to contribute to achieving sustainable economic growth in the UAE, while leveraging the local knowledge and expertise of Emirati professionals.
Dr. Ziad Khalaf, Chairman of IDB, emphasized the bank's approach to Emiratization. 'We firmly believe that Emiratization is not just a compliance measure for us. It is our way of contributing to the growth and empowerment of the UAE's economy and workforce, fostering national talent, and supporting the nation's long-term sustainable development. By hiring and nurturing Emirati talent, we not only fulfill our social responsibility but also recognize the value that local knowledge and expertise bring to our organization.' 

Khalaf further announced the bank's intention to go beyond the standard quota and hire more Emiratis as the bank's operations grow. This commitment reflects IDB's dedication to creating a strong and diverse workforce that can drive the growth of the corporate banking sector in the UAE.
IDB's Emiratization efforts are not limited to specific roles. The bank is actively hiring Emiratis across all different departments and levels, ensuring representation and opportunities for Emirati professionals in leadership positions as well as fresh graduates. To further support their success, IDB provides the needed training and development programs to ensure that Emirati employees develop their skills and perform their work to the highest standards.
“This opportunity allows me to contribute my expertise in ensuring financial integrity and risk management within the bank, while further honing my skills in a dynamic and challenging environment. It also provides a platform for personal growth, not only for myself but also as a representative of the talented individuals in the UAE”. – Jawahir Al Balooshi, Senior Internal Audit, IDB.

As the first Iraqi private bank operating in the UAE, the International Development Bank is proud to contribute to the UAE's Emiratization goals. By embracing and empowering local talent, the bank aims to foster a collaborative and diversified environment that supports the sustainable growth and prosperity of the UAE's financial sector.

'I am thrilled to be joining IDB and be a part of their Emiratization initiative. This opportunity provides a platform for me to further develop my skills and expertise. I am excited to work alongside a diverse team of professionals at IDB and make a meaningful impact on the UAE's financial landscape.' – Hessa Al Shamsi, HR and Head of Emiratization, IDB. 

The International Development Bank, UAE branch, is a leading corporate bank dedicated to fostering economic development collaborations between Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. By leveraging its expertise in the banking sector, IDB strives to facilitate financial solutions, investment opportunities, and strategic partnerships that drive economic development and maximize the potential for mutual accomplishments between Iraq and the UAE.


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