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2nd edition of Investopia Europe provides forward-looking outlook on investments for both UAE and European business communities facilitating their expansion & investment in new and

2nd edition of Investopia Europe provides forward-looking outlook on investments for both UAE and European business communities facilitating their expansion & investment in new and

Tuesday, May 21, 2024/ Editor -  


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Investopia Europe offers solutions and strategies to promote the advancement of the global economy while addressing issues of environmental and social sustainability

Abu Dhabi, 21 May 2024: The second edition of Investopia Europe, held at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan, Italy, provided a forward-looking outlook on investments for both the UAE and European business communities to facilitate expansion and investment in new and sustainable economic sectors. Additionally, the event shed light on the importance of policies and legislation that support the sustainable economic progress of nations and societies. Furthermore, it aimed to forge new partnerships for startups, enhancing business growth and facilitating their expansion into foreign markets.

The latest edition of Investopia Europe made a significant impact on both the public and private sectors across various countries, including the UAE, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, and Portugal. The event featured six panel discussions and five roundtable meetings, bringing together over 50 speakers and 700 participants. These participants included leaders, officials, CEOs, businessmen, experts, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, as well as representatives from a diverse range of global companies and financial organizations.

The event contributed to fostering global economic growth by endorsing stronger cooperation to address the challenges of environmental and social sustainability, which are aggravated by aging population and other macroeconomic factors. Moreover, Investopia Europe played a role in creating new prospects for growth between the UAE and the European private sector.

The participants of the discussion sessions and roundtable meetings hosted by the latest edition emphasized the significance of embracing new technologies and establishing productive partnerships. These efforts will create a range of fresh economic prospects, taking into account the evolving investment landscape and global economic developments. Additionally, it expedites the efforts to boost investment inflows in key sectors like tourism, hospitality, creative economy, entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized enterprises, artificial intelligence, financial technology, clean energy, circular economy, and healthcare. These sectors are identified as future sectors that contribute to transforming countries' economies into innovative models based on innovation and flexibility.

The speakers were of the opinion that Investopia Europe plays a vital role in facilitating the movement of different forms of capital across both government and private sectors. This, in turn, contributes to empowering of investments that shape future economies. Additionally, it serves as a source of encouragement for entrepreneurs to forge new business partnerships.

The speakers highlighted the significance of enhancing economic collaboration frameworks between the Gulf Cooperation Council states and the European Union in the upcoming phase. The objective is to establish new and promising investment prospects for the GCC and European private sectors, which will contribute to the advancement of business growth and economic endeavours in these nations.

During the Investopia Europe sessions, experts addressed the UAE's new economic model centred around knowledge and innovation.  Their discussions emphasized the unique prospects and enablers this model offers to Italian and European businesses of varying scales. Moreover, this model strives to foster a competitive landscape favourable for the expansion of SMEs. Additionally, the experts underscored the UAE's economic significance and its strategic location in bolstering global economic progress.

They outlined the vital role of the Mediterranean region in strengthening economic ties between the Middle East and Europe and the significance of SMEs in driving economic growth. They further highlighted the strategies for countries to collaborate through policy coordination and economic partnerships in response to rapid global changes.

Participants highlighted that the transition towards sustainability poses a significant challenge for both small and medium-sized enterprises. This challenge requires substantial investments in the creative economy, technology, and AI sectors to effectively address this challenge. It is crucial to capitalize on cutting-edge technologies and adhere to global best practices in developing creative economy industries.

Moreover, Investopia Europe sessions highlighted the significance of fostering collaboration to establish policies and develop a tourism experience that promotes sustainable tourism industry. They emphasized the need for investing in professional training and education across various sectors of the tourism, recognizing its vital role as a key contributor to economies around the world.

Experts reviewed the emerging trends in the tourism and hospitality sectors, focusing on the importance of innovation, sustainable practices, and international cooperation. These factors play a crucial role in driving the growth of the industry and enhancing visitor experiences. Additionally, solutions to address the challenges that hinder the growth of global tourism sector were discussed.

In this context, the speakers highlighted the UAE’s distinctive approach to investing in the tourism and hospitality sectors, along with the development of state-of-the-art tourism infrastructure. They emphasized that this approach serves as a unique model for attracting international tourism investments. This approach focuses on investments in sectors and activities that foster growth and prosperity in tourism industry, particularly in the current stage where collaborative efforts and creating joint action plans are essential to ensure sustainable tourism growth.

The speakers emphasized the significance of implementing strategies and policies to foster economic openness globally. The importance of expanding businesses in international markets, finding ways to overcome the challenges of international trade, and capitalizing on the government's support to enhance global competitiveness were also highlighted.

During the sessions, the experts emphasized the influence of digitalization on Italy's pharmaceutical industry and highlighted the significant role played by trade promotion organizations in fostering its growth. This holds particular significance as the UAE’s position serves as an economic gateway to Europe, offering access to the region market.

The session’s participants emphasized the crucial role of capital markets and organizations in promoting the development of the SME sector. They noted that these entities play a crucial role by providing financing and facilitating transformations such as intergenerational transfer and the integration of environmental aspects. Furthermore, they highlighted that the fifth industrial revolution presents a potential turning point and opportunity to accelerate investments and enhance competitiveness. This, in turn, opens up avenues for expanding businesses into foreign markets and supporting their growth.

The participants emphasized the importance of establishing robust connections to achieve success, be it for SMEs or large corporations. This is crucial as it enables the gathering of resources and expertise from different countries, enabling them to capitalize on emerging business prospects.

The speakers explored how different sectors are engaging with the sustainability revolution and contributing to a favourable environment for growth and economic prosperity, while fostering connection between sustainability and economic growth. The speakers viewed that government support is crucial in fostering sustainability within sustainability companies in the MENA region. They also highlighted the importance of global collaborations, particularly in environmental initiatives that transcend borders.

Since its inception, Investopia has hosted a range of “Investopia Dialogues” in various local, regional, and international markets, including New York, Geneva, New Delhi, Mumbai, Milan, London, Cairo, Rabat, Havana, and Dubai.

Investopia comprises three main tracks: Investopia Dialogues, Investopia Communities, and Investopia Marketplace. The 3rd edition of Investopia took place on February 28 and 29 in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. The event brought together numerous leaders, ministers, decision-makers, prominent investors, entrepreneurs, and economic experts from both the government and private sectors. Over 105 speakers addressed an audience of more than 1,800 participants from around the world who gathered to gain insights into the latest global investment trends in new economy sectors.

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