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SLC enhances Dubai Government Employees' legal and legislative awareness

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Virtual workshop ‘Interpretation of Legal Text’ designed to build capacities that guarantee optimal implementation of legislation

UAE, 27 October 2020 – As part of its efforts to enhance legislative and legal awareness within the government sector, the General Secretariat of the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (the “SLC”) held a virtual awareness workshop titled ‘Interpretation of Legal Text’ led by Dr. Faisal Hasan Al-Omari, Legal Advisor at SLC.

The workshop, which was conducted via Microsoft Teams, attracted a large number of participants from among the employees of the General Secretariat and from among the legal professionals working at 39 Dubai Government entities. The workshop was held to strengthen legal capabilities and ensure optimal implementation of legislation with a view to supporting Dubai’s ambitious drive towards sustainable development.

It was explained during the workshop that interpretation precedes the implementation of legal provisions as it is an essential tool to clarify unclear or ambiguous terms, ensure clarity, reconcile any conflict among provisions, as well as deduce the intended rules where they are not explicitly stated.

Dr. Al-Omari elaborated on the role of the legal professionals engaged in interpreting legal provisions and the qualifications and capabilities they must possess. He provided a detailed explanation on various schools of legal interpretation, which include the traditional school, the historical or social school, and the scientific school known as the school of free scientific research.

Furthermore, participants were introduced to four types of legal interpretation, including the judicial interpretation, jurisprudential interpretation, legislative interpretation, and administrative interpretation. Dr Al-Omari explained the advantages and disadvantages of each type, in addition to the methods, rules, and various cases warranting interpretation, including material errors, ambiguity, deficiencies, and contradiction, among others.

Ahmad Saeed bin Meshar Al Muhairi, SLC Secretary General, affirmed that the SLC General Secretariat is committed to organising awareness workshops to provide legal professionals in Dubai Government entities with the necessary legal knowledge, thereby enabling them to contribute to  developing sustainable and balanced government legislation.

Al Muhairi added that the workshop ‘Interpretation of Legal Text’ served as an ideal platform for explaining the rules for the interpretation of legal provisions, highlighting the great importance of legal interpretation  for  clarifying any ambiguities, identifying and addressing any deficiencies, as well as reconciling any contradictions among legal provisions. “The workshop also shed light on how instrumental legal interpretation is in correcting any material errors, if any, to further the objective of achieving proper implementation of the legislation in force in the Emirate of Dubai.”, confirmed Al Muhairi.

Al Muhairi reiterated: “We continue to enrich the legal knowledge of the legal professionals of the Dubai Government entities, driven by our commitment to supporting the goals of the Dubai

Plan 2021 aiming at enhancing government efficiency and transparency and achieving distinction in government services. The great confidence placed in us by Dubai Government entities motivates us to organise more virtual legislative awareness workshops. The SLC workshops have so far demonstrated success in improving the capabilities needed to achieve the objective of developing government legislation that copes with present challenges and looks ahead to the future, thus contributing to boosting happiness and welfare of all members of the community.

Workshop leader Dr. Faisal Al-Omari said: “The interpretation of legal provisions has always been the center of attention as it determines the scope of implementation of a particular legislative provision based on the terms used by the legislator. Therefore, we are keen on enhance awareness on the process of interpretation and its various types and methods, with an emphasis on various schools that differ according to the perception of the reality of the role that the legislator plays in enacting legal rules.”

Dr. Al Omari added: “The workshop elaborated on various schools of legal interpretation that are closely related to the foundation of law, while also explaining the role of interpreters in clarifying legislative provisions and ensuring their proper implementation by clearing any ambiguity and addressing any errors. It also explained that legislative interpretation helps in better understanding the general rule underlying the provisions come, the exceptions to such a rule, and the context that govern them, those addressed by the legislation, and the purpose and objectives in view of the prevailing legal philosophy.”

He concluded: “SLC will continue its efforts to raise awareness among the legal professionals at government entities utilising digital channels with a view to contributing to the achievement of the legal and government excellence objectives of the Dubai strategic vision.”

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