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Discover the Ingredients

Sunday, January 10, 2021/ Editor -  


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United Arab Emirates -  January 10, 2021:    OJAR reveals the heritage of the region in a very modern and inspiring manner through its collection of unisex perfume oils created and produced by Givaudan. The renowned Swiss perfume house has created 18 individual fragrances based on six core ingredients: Oud, Rose, Frankincense, Honey, Sandalwood and Musk.The collection is based on 6 ingredients, of which, 3 are precious ingredients inspired from Oman: the rose of Jebel Akdhar, honey from Rustaq and the Frankincense from the Dhofar region. 
The hero product of the brand is its iconic “Absolute”. The bottle elevates the perfume oil landscape with a never seen before double cap usage that features a roll on and a glass stick applicator. The “Absolute” is an alcohol-free perfume oil, a 20ml travel friendly format. The perfume is 25% concentrated and long lasting.
Rose is the queen of the flowers embodying romance, power, beauty and fineness in all its glory.
Red Redepemtion - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Oriental Floral Ambery - Wild spicy Rose pushed by vetiver and deep amber
Epine Du Desert - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Floral Spicy Woody - Desert Rose, the simple beauty of a pure rose oil with saffron and suede.
Mahrajan - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Floral Woody - Sunrise Rose, bright dew petal bouquet wrapped in cashmere woods & musk
Rose Collection Assets
Sandalwood’s story is about time, years of maturation to develop smooth, rounded and profound aromas. It is the soul of the wood.
Wood Whipser - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Woody Floral Ambery - Vivid Sandalwood, lifted by a plum effect, violets and ambergris
Bella Ciao - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: White Floral Woody - Chypre Bright Sandalwood, sparkles of frangipani, gardenia and ylang
Bois Monochrome - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Woody Hesperidic Musky - Genuine Sandalwood, a tribute to the authentic Mysore tree
Sandalwood Collection Assets
Honey is the delight of nature, an elixir of joy, a sweet nectar giving warmth and abundance to every recipe. 
Halwa Kiss - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Oriental Gourmand - Spicy Celebration honey, in a delight of saffron, dates, rose and dry fruits.
Wadi Bloom - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: White Floral Musky - Chypre Blossom Honey, from the radiance of ylang and tuberose on a chypre
Wasp Waist - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Chypre Floral Oriental - Glamorous Honey, rounding up a honeysuckle for the floracy
Honey Collection Assets
Frankincense is the blood running through the veins of the land. Harvested as a precious resin, its smoky tones are the signature of mystery and elegance.
Routes Nomades - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Woody Leather Smoky - Warm Incense, on a suede vetiver synergy
Forgiven Outrage - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Oriental Spicy Woody Japanese Incense, a warm interpretation of the Kodo
Eagle Eyed Stranger - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Oriental Woody Ambery Bold Incense, with dry woods and birch
Frankincense Collection Assets
Musk is an enigma, pure yet complex. The effect of a pheromone whispering with nuance and radiance.
Cirrus Leather - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Musk Woody - Floral Soothing Musk, with touched of ambergris and sandalwood
Flower Beast - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Oriental Musky - White Floral White bouquet Musk, blooming  of jasmine and lily
Kashmir Print - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Musk Ambery Chypre - Clean Musk, a trio accord of White Patchouli, Orris and Musk
Musk Collection Assets
Oud represents the pinnacle of Arabian luxury. It  discloses a perfect chemistry of leathery, smoky, ambery and animalic notes leaving a mesmerizing and everlasting trail wherever it goes.
Stallion Soul - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Oriental Woody Smoky - Skin Oud, when its leathery facet meets rose and Carnation
Ciel D’Orage - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Oriental Woody Smoky – Smoky oud, using guaiac wood and suede to emphasis the signature
Infusion Velours - Absolute
Olfactive Classification: Oriental Ambery Fruity - Juicy Oud, intense yet glowing, resins in counter accord with red fruits
Oud Collection Assets
PRICE | Absolute | 590 AED | 20 mL


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