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Emirates Park Zoo and Resort joins Abu Dhabi Municipality for beach clean-up, promotes marine conservation

Emirates Park Zoo and Resort joins Abu Dhabi Municipality for beach clean-up, promotes marine conservation

Monday, March 4, 2024/ Editor -  


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Abu Dhabi – March 04, 2024: Emirates Park Zoo and Resort, a leading destination for wildlife enthusiasts, demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship by spearheading a beach clean-up drive at Bahia Beach. The initiative, aimed at safeguarding marine ecosystems, involved the removal of litter and debris from the coastal areas, aligning with the organisation's dedication to preserving the environment.
Organized in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Municipality, Emirates Park Zoo and Resort aims to foster a cleaner and healthier environment for both wildlife and visitors alike. With a history of similar initiatives in the past and plans for future clean-up events, the zoo's partnership with the municipality exemplifies a shared commitment to environmental preservation.

The nature of this collaboration involves joint planning and coordination efforts to ensure the success of the beach cleanup initiative. The two organizations pooled their resources, shared expertise, and mobilized volunteers to effectively address marine pollution and promote environmental conservation along the coastline. 
Dr. Walid Shaaban, CEO Group of Emirates Park Zoo and Resort, said, 'We are happy to host this beach clean-up initiative as part of our ongoing commitment to environmental conservation. The main idea is to inspire the public to be either proactive by practicing more green approaches and not to litter in the sea, desert or any other biotopes or to be reactive and fix what has been caused by human beings, considering this as an ongoing tasks for everyone. We are very grateful for the support provided by Abu Dhabi Municipality. Through our collaborative efforts, we were able to maximize the participation and spread the word within the community, We hope this beach clean-up serves as a demonstration of how we can make a significant impact in preserving our habitats by coming together as a community teaching and inspiring the future generations.'

'The Beach Clean-Up campaigns reflect our dedication to conservation as no survival plan for any species can succeed without a safe and healthy environment. The propagation of endangered species and reintroduce to the wild can not be a long-term successful plan without knowing how to protect the habitat containing the species.
It is everyone's responsibility, so community engagement, partnerships, schools and local authorities are essential. Emirates Park Zoo and Resort encourages sustainable tourism, while also embodying our corporate social responsibility efforts to give back to society and minimize negative environmental impacts,” he added.

The Beach Clean-Up Event commenced with a preparation and briefing session, where volunteers gathered for an overview of the objectives, safety precautions, and assigned tasks. Following this, the clean-up began and volunteers actively engaged in collecting litter and debris from designated areas along the beach. Finally, the clean-up ended with an evaluation, appreciation, and wrap-up session, which included a recycling workshop, an educational talk, and expressions of gratitude to the volunteers for their contributions.
Additionally, the event promoted sustainable practices such as using reusable water bottles and bags, supporting eco-friendly products, and participating in recycling programs. These efforts focused on minimizing waste generation and pollution at its source, contributing to long-term environmental preservation. Furthermore, the event is a response to existing pollution on the beach.

Moreover, the engagement of volunteers in clean-up activities fostered community awareness and involvement in environmental conservation efforts. By mobilizing individuals to take action and participate in hands-on clean-up initiatives, the event promotes a sense of environmental responsibility and encourages proactive measures to protect coastal ecosystems for future generations.


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